Laminate Flooring

  Laminate flooring looks so much like real wood that most people cannot tell the difference just by looking. There are some important differences, though.  Laminates are popular in play areas for kids, for example.  You may have seen them in a number of retail stores, even though you thought you were walking on a hardwood floor. Laminates are tough, attractive, and really easy to maintain!


We have many laminate styles at Advanced Interiors from reputable manufacturers and each is beautiful in its own way.  We will help you select the product that best suits your needs and desires.  That is how you get the best value!

Beware of “Closeout Sale” promotions.  Some retailers purchase end production lots from manufacturers.  That means you may run into trouble if you need to replace any damaged product.  It may also mean that there may be no trim available to match it.  And, of course, it may simply be a substandard product.  Just be careful.  You usually get what you pay for.

High quality laminates, like the ones we provide, have an extra-tough “wear surface”, are easy to clean, have built-in moisture resistance and are absolutely beautiful.


We provide complete, professional installation for all of our products.  Would you like to install your laminate floor yourself?  If so, we will show you the basics, help you select the correct trim pieces, AND you can maximize the value by getting our special cash and carry pricing.


Naturally, a subfloor in good shape is a must-have.  Level and smooth is good.  Creaky or uneven is not so good.  A laminate floor is not glued down and it is not nailed down.  It floats.  First, a layer of thin pad is placed on the subfloor.  This pad gives you a bit of cushion for comfort, while it provides some sound reduction, a protective moisture barrier, and a bit of insulation.  Various trim pieces may be needed for transitions to other surfaces, like tile.

Do-it-yourself or we can do it for you.  Either way, by following the manufacturer’s routine maintenance guidelines you will maximize the value of your beautiful laminate floor.          (“Or is that real wood?”) 


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