Tile: Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone

Hard tiles have been around for centuries.  That tells you something about durability.  But, that is just the start.  Hard tiles, like ceramic, porcelain, and stone have a unique beauty that comes in many varieties.  Varieties meaning colors, textures, shapes, and dimensions.  This allows you to have a high quality floor, designed by your own creativity, that shows your personal taste.

Some people like to install their own tile.  We highly recommend that you have tile installed by a professional.  It can make a real difference in the life of your tiled area.


CERAMIC tile is probably the tile you have seen most often.  It is tough as nails when properly installed.  You have seen it on floors, around tubs, on shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and who knows where else.  Many styles, colors, sizes, and affordability are key benefits of ceramic tiles.

PORCELAIN tiles are even tougher than ceramic, although they look the same on the surface.  You can identify a porcelain tile by its solid color all the way through the tile. Porcelain is particularly popular for heavy traffic areas.  Some come with specially textured surfaces that provide added safety in wet areas, like showers and bar areas.  Because of its toughness, unless you are skilled with a wet-saw, professional installation is a must for porcelain tile.

STONE tiles, like slate are frequently seen in outdoor settings although indoor applications are also popular.  And, when you think of granite or marble I’ll bet you think of settings, like banks, churches. and even shopping malls.  But, don’t limit yourself.  Stone is an awesome choice in many homes.  So far as cutting and installation, again we highly recommend professional installation.


Consider the surface sheen of your tile selection and the application of the tile.  A very shiny tile is likely to be slippery when wet, so use in a shower, swimming or bathing area is probably not a great idea.

Many tiles have matching trim pieces available.  If this is important to you, be sure to consider that when making your selection.

Absolutely solid colored tile with little or no texture tends to show footprints more readily than textured tiles.  Also, bright white or very dark tile may not be the best choice for a high traffic area.  Lighter color tiles help areas look a bit larger.  Darker tiles tend to shrink the size appearance of an area.

It is always tempting to follow the latest decorating trends.  But, remember that your tile will be there for many many years.  Be creative, mind your own personal tastes, and look a bit to the future.  And, we can help!


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