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We Appreciate Customer Testimonials

The best measure of success is revealed in the experiences of our customers.  We partner with our customers from the first introductory discussion through the satisfactory completion of the project.

We care about your experience and welcome your comments. 

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Mike B.  Steve, Our floors look beautiful today and I really want to thank you and everyone involved. I would recomend you all to anyone. I also really enjoyed meeting Rick. He seems like a real great guy and it is reflected in the way he runs his company.

Rod F.    I have used Rick at Advanced Interiors for flooring at my house.  The products and services he has are top of the line.  It is great knowing that when you hire Rick everything will be taken care, and the results are great!

Gale R.     Rick is an expert in hardwood flooring.  We hired him and his team to resurface our hardwood floors in our kitchen and install new hardwoods in our master bedroom.  Both projects turned out beautifully!  Rick met all his commitments and made sure the projects were completed to perfection!  We could not be more pleased with his work and the outcome.  What a wonderful home improvement!

Andrew D.     Hired Rick for flooring for an addition.  He provided excellent tile and carpet at a great price.  The floor looks fantastic.  Of all the contractors I dealt with during construction, he was the best.

Keith S.     We first hired Rick when we needed new carpet and countertops in our house before selling.  Rick was very thorough, helped us understand our options so we could make an educated decision.  The installation was great and he kept us informed during the process.  We have also hired Rick to finish some hardwoods at the new house.  Process went great, every experience with Rick and his crews has been positive.

Mike & Billie H.    As my wife and I were preparing my mother’s house for sale, we ran into some serious problems.  When we took up the rug and pad in the living room we found parts of the pad stuck to the hardwood floor.  We tried unsuccessfully to remove these pieces of pad from the floor.  Also, when we took up the rug in the dining room we found double-sided tape stuck to the hardwood floor.  We were able to pull the tape, but the adhesive stuck to the floor was a mess.  We tried several solvents with no luck.  We had a real mess on our hands that seriously detracted from the appeal of the house.

Luckily, a painter recommended Rick Wolverton of Advanced Interiors.  Rick was able to remove the rug particles and adhesive with special cleaners and then polished the floors with a special machine.  We were amazed.  The floors look brand new.  The new appearance of the floor will definitely help sell the house.

Rob T.    I hired a different company to refinish my hardwood floors.  That was a BIG MISTAKE.  The workmanship was terrible: gouges, very obvious swirl marks, puddles of finish you could see when the light hit it just right.  So, a friend of mine recommended Advanced Interiors to try to fix the mess.  Phil came out and explained to me, in terms that I understood, what the problems were and what Advanced Interiors could do for me.  Well, to make a long story short, Phil had the Advanced Interiors crew come in, strip the floor and do the job right.  The results are FANTASTIC.  The crew was professional, Phil was right about everything he said, and my 60 year old floors are beautiful.


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